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Proof here:

Originally Posted by Prime
Palps has a lot of layers...
You mean like an Onion? Oh wait, thats an ogre. And layered does not always mean Deep.

I would think:
1) Ulic, Really interesting character Development with the While DS/LS journey.
2) Bane, and its still being developed.
3) Jade. she has red hair. Nice to see how her view changes over the years.
4) ObiWan probably.
5) Vos.

Luke... well, there is that little development with his brush to the DS and what not, but Luke is still the same, with a bit of maturity sinking in. Basically while his stories are numerous, her personal development is quite predictable. Its mostly just level grinding really.

Vader should be Deep, but the PT is done in such weak acting(and those scripts and lines he would say) that ruins it. Though I guess the development would continue.
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