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Hopefully not.

Kendo is nothign but a cultural game of people hitting each other with a stick at best, and nothing close to any fighting form. Its just a spot based on the most simple moves of the old Kenjutsu moves, with lots and lots of rule restrictions that limits attackable positions. Just know the difference of Kendo and any koryu practical katas/moves. (For those who are interested a more understandable style to start with would be things like Toyamaryu, since its one of the mroe modern forms developend from/for WWII where guns and tanks roam the battlefield)

On the good side, since Kendo have little regards (there is still the "back" of the blade and some rule against striking with obvious sides) of the blade/edge angle of a sword, it would actually work to the advantage of the lightsaber, where its blades cuts 360 angles.

Personally I think that a "functional" lightsaber form would be quite different from the existing RL blade forms, and more akin to fighting with really dangerous sticks, minus most of the blocking/parrying moves due to the untouchable nature of the blade, but the whole REALISTIC FUNCTIONAL LIGHTSABER FORM discussing can be a topic in itself, which I would type up once i have the time.
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