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"Look. Go find Solo. Quickly now. I have a really bad feeling about this."

Jak nodded. He honestly wanted to come along with D.J to help Akira, but finding Solo was a main priority. Besides, Akira could take care of herself. But he greatly sensed the darkside near-by. A sith lord, no doubt...

Jak continued to follow the direction in which Solo was in. He entered the building in which the droids have previously withdrew. The Mandalorian entered what appeared to be a some kind of garage with a workshop. No doubt this could be the place Han was talking about.

Jak quickly counted at least ten or-so droids standing here. They were obviously guarding the turbo door on the wall behind them. They aimed their weapons at him. He pulled out his Double-bladed lightsaber and ignited both beams. He launched himself and performed a butterfly spinning attack, taking out a few of the droids.

He spun his saber to deflect all blaster fire. "There's too many of them..."he grunted, and he jumped up high into the air and landed onto somekind of catwalk attatched to the ceiling. He dodged further fire, and deflected blaster bolts back at the droids. He counted the ones remaining; six left.

"Well that isn't much..." he thought. "I don't know what I'm complaining about!"

He jumped off of the catwalk and defensivly deflected all the blaster fire.

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