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hehe, will do Astro

Microsoft giving away free stuff for students (damn those students!)
^ Quite cool cause all those programs would cost you a small fortune in retail...I didn't know Bill Gates was stepping down either...

Triple-Core Phenoms in sight?
^ And quite cheap too, if rumours are to be believed, here's hoping AMD sorted out that L3 cache problem and give us some decent performance at a really low price...Call me Mr Cynical but the fact that they're showing up in Mesh PCs doesn't exactly fill me with confidence.

Agressive price cuts from AMD to counter nVidia's 9 Series
^ If the HD3850/3870s weren't insane bargains before, they sure as hell are now, especially since some leaked benchies show that the 9600GT isn't exactly up to spec with even the 8800GT, and I'm liking the joke that goes around saying that Ati did the 9600 years ago and mastered it then

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