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Tyler Whitman stood, arms crossed in amused disbelief as he was informed he was 'owned' and would now be fighting for his life. A glance to his left, where Eva Cruz stood and Tyler raised his hand.

"Yeah, I got a question," he said. "What's to keep me and my friend here from leaving?" He turned to Eva and took her hand. "Let's go."

With that, the two Jumpers vanished, but they were only gone for half a second. No sooner had they fully vanished than they reappeared in the exact spots they'd been standing, both clutching their heads in intense pain.

"Collar," Eva gasped, brushing the collar around her neck with one hand. Now, Tyler was angry.

"What gives you the right?" he snarled. "You just... reach out and snatched us from where we were. Snatched us right... and held us against our..."

"Ty," Eva murmured softly, shaking her head. In a low voice, she pointed out, "If they had no issues with snatching us away..." She left the thought unfinished, but it was enough to calm Tyler down a little.

"Should be illegal," he muttered.

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