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Marcus grimaced. Slick blood was running from a wound on his neck. Nothing serious - he'd taken more than that and kept fighting. This was different, though, he could feel the violent nausea associated with powerful sedatives.

He felt his gorge rising and bent over, bile and vomit streaming from his mouth. He coughed and wiped it off. He felt better, mostly, most of the drugs were being flushed out.

The Mutant straightened up. The cell was pretty standard, three walls and some kind of force-barrier. It was the figures on the other side that caught his attention - definitely not anything he was familiar with. If he couldn't hear them breathing, he'd guess they were some kind of robot.

Ugly, too. These must be the things that had ambushed him outside of NCR. He hadn't gotten a very good look before they had landed their darts.

With a loud screech, the field in front of him vanished, a large one of the monstrosities stepped in front of the door, waving some kind of strange, unfamiliar weapon. Without hesitating, he smashed his fist into the creature's face, dropping it like a sack of wet cement. Another one smashed him across the back, dropping him to his knees as an electrical shock raced through his body. The first one picked itself up, obviously in pain, and grabbed him. The pair of creatures frog-marched him out, half-conscious.

When Marcus came to, he was coming into some kind of ring-shaped structure, shoved into line with a brace of smooth-skin humans. Certainly no one he was familiar with.

One of the freaks, wearing what looked absurdly like a toga, began to speak. Marcus straightened and listened. Raw strength isn't going to get me out of here. I need to use my head, too.

He bristled at the suggestion that he was property, but didn't move. After the 'thing' finished talking, he spoke.

"Two questions, actually. What the hell are you, and where are we?"
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