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Just when I thought things were going well, Anakin Skywalker complained to himself. Half a minute ago, he'd been closing in on the Invisible Hand, side by side with Obi-Wan. Then, there was a sound like none other Anakin had ever heard... and he was in Coruscant's atmosphere, with Obi-Wan nowhere to be found... or contacted. It was only by his deep connection with the Force that Anakin did not immediately crash. However, his head was a bit muddled, and so he did end up... cringe... crashing. Sort of.

Anakin drove his fighter downward to avoid a massive airbus and then tried to bring it up. Instead, the fighter hit the pavement, bounced once, and skidded along, its powerful engines propelling it forward. Anakin's eyes narrowed in frustration. "No, no, no, no..." He cut power to the engines and used the Force to slow himself down. Just barely in time, he stopped. There before him, a woman was just trying to rise to her feet.

"Well that's..." he muttered. Strange was the word he'd been looking for. Something had happened... something bad. The Force was swirling around him, as if uncertain what to think of him. The woman in front of his fighter was standing now, staring puzzled at his fighter and him inside it.

Nothing better than asking to find out what's going on, he thought to himself. And with that thought, he opened his cockpit and stepped out. Pleased with his clearing head, he strode forward and dropped off his fighter, in front of the cockpit, between the wings.

"Hello," he said to the woman, who was still staring at him. "I don't mean to sound... lost, but... where am I?" Immediately, his question struck him as idiotic. "What I mean is," he amended, "I know this is Coruscant, but..." He fell silent, all too bewildered as to how to ask the question in his mind.

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