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"Unbelievable," Boba Fett said to himself. In one stunning move the jedi Luke Skywalker had cut up a Palace Guard. Luke was going to be executed but it appears he has other plans. Now the jedi was joined by a wookie, Calrissian, and Solo?
"How the hell?" Fett said to himself again. This fight was looking ugly.

"Unaja gesta" said Jabba Hutt, his current employer.

"On it sir," said Boba Fett who spoke Huttenese. "Well time to go to work"

Boba kicked his jetpack and flew to the nearest sail. He fired a blaster round that went unnoticed.

"Damn," Boba said to himself again.

He turned on his jetpack and flew to the sail the jedi was one. The jedi turned around and cut his gun in half. Boba instantly kicked his jets and flew back to the nearest sail. Boba raised his gauntlet.

"I may be down but I'm not out." Boba aimed at the jedi's head and hit the button. Within a matter of seconds Boba's jetpack kicked in again. He had lost control. He screamed as he hit a sail and rolled into the Sarlaac Pit. The monster swallowed him whole. As Boba fell he noticed a strange hole that was getting closer and closer. The bounty hunter fell through the whole and ended up in a city.

"What the.." he said cutting himself off. He looked down to see his blaster in on piece again. I must of entered some kind of wormhole he thought to himself.Boba did not seem startled by where he was, in fact he was grateful. The only thing that did startle him was seeing a figure fall from the sky no more than 4 miles in front of him.

"Well you don't see that everyday," he said to himself debating whether to go check it out or not. "On second thought I better go find out where I am" With that Boba Fett began walking into the town hoping to find answers.

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