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Revan was meditating as he usually did normally. Searching through the unknown regions. He was wearing his star forge robes with the hood up. Also on the star forge he fashioned a mask which was also now wearing.

Suddenly Revan blinked out of his meditation and looked around. Instead of being on the ship he was on he was sitting down on top of a very large building. He slowly stood up slightly shook up. Revan quickly sensed with the force and looked around. He quickly slid down the building and climbed down towards a pedestrian area.

Revan began walking through a very crowded area. Noticing no one was paying attention to his appearance as they normally did when he walked around in his tradition Revan attire in broad daylight.

Suddenly Revan sensed with the force and looked around. Suddenly he sensed someone was force sensitive nearby. He quickly walked in the direction they were in. He finally walked through a small clearing towards a male who was helping up a girl. The girl looked strangely familiar. Revan quickly put his hood down and took his mask off. Revealing his mullet.

"Confuse the Jedi with a dirty trick and stab them in the back..."

Revan quickly recognized Jedi He walked up to the male.

"Are you a Jedi?" He asked the male.

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