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Originally Posted by SkywalkerRules
Akira looked back, sweating some more. "Not now, D.J!" She turned back to Caedus, and knelt down on her knees, bowing. She looked at the ground sadly. "I remember a time where I never knew my father. It was so painful. My grandparents never said much about him."

She looked up at Caedus again, with tears in her eyes. "I want to become your..." Akira gulped, closing her eyes and glancing down again. "Your asset."
Jacen gazed at the beautiful jedi knight kneeling in front of him, asking him to be his “asset”. He smiled in his secrets, for it was an advantage to have such a powerful jedi as an ally.

“very well then…” he said, “rise!”

Caedus then took a comlink and gave it to Akira, “to prove your loyalty, go an bring me my daughter from the Falcon; by doing this you will save your “old” friends from destruction…” he explained “if you do this right, you’ll become my apprentice!”
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