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Eum, I downloaded both files from maxstates sig again and replaced with them my current ones, but it still actes strange; whenever I am in duel or powerduel gametype, the Force menu is messed up; while all Force powers seem to work good, the saber forms are "available" even without Schii-choo OR there are no forms at all and only saber throw is "available" but even when I put points in there I will not get anything after respawns.

Tried to reinstall OJP, but still same problem.

EDIT: Yes there are 2 "modes" of this problem depending on which map the duel is taking place; either "all forms without shii-cho (and shii cho is invisible)", which is a case of Bespin Duel map, or "no forms only throw" which happens to me in Generator Room for example.
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