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Did my taxes last night... Thanks to the tuition credits I had carried over from last year I'm getting about $2500 back. I *should* put that towards the $10,000 I owe Visa, but an old '67 Fender Bassman head popped up on a (reasonably) local music forum for $400...

Ed, I'm picking your brain a little here... With my blackface Twin I drown out my lead guitarist and his nice new Marshall Valvestate (I told him to buy a real amp but he just wouldn't listen!) somewhere between 4 and 5 on the volume knob. I'm basically looking for something with a little bit of growl and a little less... umph than my twin reverb. Most of what I've read has suggested that the 66-69 Bassman heads pretty much do just that, but having never played/heard one I've been asking around a little.

The last set of tubes I dropped in my Twin were a low-rated set of GT 6L6GE's, and I love the way they sound when I really wind it up (starts to break up into a nice cream somewhere between 6 and 7), but I never get to wind it up when I play with the boys and I like my neighbors so I don't do it at home that often (there's a complaint about settling on a less-perfect house, Zarg! Walls aren't thick enough...) and I'm hoping the Bassman (run through my twin's speakers) will help satisfy my need for distortion I don't have to turn on with my foot.

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