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"You!" Called a familiar voice voice from behind Anakin. Turning around would reveal a filth covered Obi-Wan Kenobi, however he wasn't what Anakin remember his master to be. He looked several years older and was very stressed. His stubble had grown into a short beard which, much like his robes, had sand and dirt woven into. The mere sight of his old Apprentice had Obi Wan reciting the Jedi code inside his head with the hopes it would hold back the hatred he'd developed for his former pupil. Getting into the life style of a desert hermit had been tough on old Obi Wan and he was constantly struggling with his emotions.

"How do you look like you do?" Obi Wan asked raising his lightsaber "I watched you burn by the flames of Mustafar!"

(Note, I am aware this may seem a bit out of character for Obi Wan, but considering what he's been through this is what he'd act like. This personality is only for a short time.)

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