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“That question was simpler to answer than you think. Your weapons and the required ammunition were scanned while you were being captured and brought here, giving us enough information to simply replace the ammunition slots in your weapons with micro construction units that instantly replace the ammunition once it’s used. All energy for the generator comes remotely from another source, so if you survive to leave our universe then you’ll have to find ammunition as you normally would.” Sklar answered, with more enthusiasm than the last question. Still, the claw on his foot tapped, lightly on the sand. Patient Sklar was. However, he didn’t like to waste time.

Zionist on the other hand, while not necessarily satisfied. This all seemed familiar to him, like he’d seen it all before. The Sovonions, the Verpax, everything. Well, except for those in line with him. He had no idea who they were, but Zionist had the feeling he was going to get to know them a lot better. To him it seemed better to stay quiet for now though, considering the Sklar looked like he was already getting impatient.
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