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His X-Wing dropped out of Hyperspace, the City-World of Coruscant laying before him. Something didn't feel quite right. The fleets were different than from when he had left. A clipped female voice came through the comlink.

"Coruscant Docking Control to unidentified approaching snubfighter. State your intended course and identify yourself."

"This is New Republic X-Wing Aurek-Besh-7710, on approach to Coruscant. Requesting permission to land."

"Transmit Security Clearance."

That was odd. Coruscant hadn't required security clearance to land since...

"Transmitting now." He brought up the long-buried security program and activated it, attaching his security ID to his IFF."

There was a long pause on the other hand. He winced. Something was wrong, they didn't usually take this long, especially with Rogue Squadron. Then...

"Rogue Nine, you have clearance to land at the Manarai Mountains Starfighter Hangars. Do not deviate from the course we are giving you."
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