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The planet of Nar Shaddaa had erupted into chaos after the announcement about Han Solo's bounty, but it was gonna get worse as the Hades dropped out of hyperspace

"Let's make this fast!' ordered Aito, "activate stealth systems, full power to the engines"

"Roger" confirmed Vergo, pressing some buttons on a nearby panel

"The Holonet confirms the report that Han Solo has been captured by Nobo the Hutt" responded Ingrid from an adjacent seat, "Why did that slug announced his presence?"

"Maybe the Jedi that are traveling with Solo are after Nobo, so he thought of a little scheme to buy some time for his escape" guessed Vergo

"But we have to extract Solo, no matter what. The plan is this: I go after Solo, you two look for the Millenium Falcon and make sure it stays put, along with the package"

"If they try to escape without Solo?"

"They won't , at least Leia Organa won't. But if it does, pin them down with ion fire, do not destroy-"

"Sorry to interrupt" said Ingrid, "but the scanners are picking up some Galactic Alliance vessel, registered to Jacen Solo"

"Why did our employer come here? Don't tell me to retrieve the package himself, then hiring us wouldn't make sense!" said Vergo, puzzled

"No matter, stick to the plan, I'll see what this is all about"


"Nice redecorating, feels a little more shady now" said Han in a calm tone

"Be quiet Solo" said a trandoshan with dark green scaly skin, "lorda Nob had to remake the place so it would suit his business"

The 'remodeling consisted of making the ex-garage into 6 separate rooms, the last being Nobo's personal quarters: where Han was taken. The other rooms were divided into barrack and one land speeder mini garage, that had a secret passage to the outside, known only by Nobo. The bunker was only accessible by the elevator Han had descended on, and where half of the guards were stationed.

"Nobody enters this bunker, shoot at first sight. If the men upstairs had no luck capturing those Jeedai, we stand less of a chance" commanded Tobias to the remaining guards. "All remaining refender droids are to protect lorda Nobo and guard Han Solo"

A couple of faint explosions could be heard coming from the upper floor. "How many people have you got up there? A whole platoon?"

"No Solo, we got the whole of Nar Shaddaa at our disposal" responded Tobias to the prisioner, "your jeedai don't stand a chance"

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