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Thumbs up Burn Clan Squad Recruitment

Burn clan is a clan that mostly focuses on ranks in the squad and helpin gnew players get better so their ass doesn't get kicked. I play under republic commando with the username Red 5 i am a veteran player and have played for about 1 1/2 years. Our squad takes bunches of players and divides them into units for example {Burn} Red 5 {D} Meaning i am in Burn and i am part of the D unit. we have training sessions on the weekends mainly on saturday from 8 am. - 10 am. Our main focus is to get a well built squad by training noobs the basics and then advanced techniqques like sniping. We will also have two class sessions, beginner for people who need practice and advanced fro people who need to focus their skills on sniping, returning the flag, ambushes, ect. Once our squad has enough people we will launch our assault on other groups. We are not focused on attacking we are forming alliances with other groups. If u want to be part of the next top squad in Republic Commando join this squad. We also have perks. For example for the very experienced players they will not only be the squad leader but will have a chance to lead the entire or half the side of our team in battle. I am currently working on a web site to advance recruiting but first i want all ur opinions. Also if u are in a group try to see if u can persuade ur group to help out i have a friend assist me in training and he is in a seperate group.
Burn is gonna get ready to kick some ass.
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