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((I don't see why you shouldn't ))

Jak destroyed all the security droids on the ground floor using a Fast-spinning kata and decapitating the heads. They were now rendered metal scrap.

Jak slid his Lightsaber back into his sheath, and walked towards the turbolift. He stopped half-way when he felt Akira's emotions and actions through the force. Betrayal.

"Oh, no... Why Akira?" Jak muttered. But there was another time to dwell over Akira's actions. Hopefully he will be able to catch Akira in time after he has rescued Solo. But there was obviously not much time. He entered the Turbo Lift.

Jak sensed in level below three thugs guarding the Turbo Lift door. "Its time to act stealthy" he thought. Jak climbed up the wall of the elevator and clung himself to the ceiling like a Spider. "Just like in those Holovids..."

As the Turbo Lift made a halt, and the door slid open, it took the guards a few seconds to realise no one appeared to be in the chamber. "Huh?" Jak heard one of the thugs say.

Jak spotted a thug enter the Turbo Lift, looked around at his sides. Then soon the two other thugs entered. Right where he wanted them... "That's strange... there's nobody here--"

Jak jumped down onto the floor of the elevator, and pulled out his saber. He smiled...

"Hello!" he greeted, as he ignited both ends of his Lightsaber and swiped all the thugs down at once. He stepped out of the Turbolift and the doors closed behind him.
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