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22 Feb

Coruscant Entertainment Center

I'm Here for the Party

KOTOR on Taris: Brave warrior or Party animal?

A short piece, but amusing. The idea that our dear Revan is a party animal is funny.

Carth's Worst Day

After the Star Forge: Some people just can’t keep secrets.

It’s ‘He and’ not ‘him and’.

The piece was confusing, primarily because your wording implies that Canderous is Revan’s husband, yet by defining it as a prequel you then have Revan committing adultery. But your way of using suggesting reference made up for it.


On Nar Shaddaa during TSL: A look into Atton’s darkness

The way it was written, this reminded me of a lot of things. Excellently done, the denouement perfect.

Pick of the week


Light side female Revan

The Long Road Led Here

KOTOR on Taris: Why is Carth so paranoid?

While basically the same section all of us have read and done, this piece is well done in it’s own right. Please continue.

Nicknames and Whiskey

At the start of TSL: How long will Carth wait?

It was an interesting view of Carth’s mind. The fact that Mori (Revan) had replaced his late wife as the focus of his yearning was excellent, and how he felt when he did slip also well portrayed. The way that nicknames were used as the trigger to stop him was also good.


Originally posted 10 28 2005

After the destruction of the Star Forge, a Jedi out for revenge meets Revan and her crew.

I was hooked three paragraphs into this. Outstanding work, the angst of the main character is haunting.

Reprise Pick of the week.

Light side female Exile

Finding Revan

During KOTOR II A Jedi strike team finds and rescues Revan (Note when originally reviewed I had not played TSL. So I know place this after that story.)

First reviewed in June of 2006, this is the original review.

The placement above is assumed, but the skill the writer shows is not an assumption. The style is dark yet draws you in easily. Very well done

Reprise Pick of the week. 22 Feb 2008

Nar Shaddaa Style

During TSL: Just remember, the House wins any ties…

Having never gotten into the Pazaak portion of the games, I felt this would probably not be interesting.

Boy was I wrong. Finding out what the Nar Shaddaa rules are was amusing, having the house win ties in the position they were in funny, and the last line outrageous.

A pick of the week

The Will of the Force
Revan’s Pet Duck

With the TSL crew, no specific time mentioned: The will of the Force? Or a dirty mind?

As much as you want to give credit to Nate, take credit when it is due. The piece is amusing, the situation tells us a little of what is on Atton’s mind. Maybe it was the Force, but maybe the Force was just giving them a not too subtle nudge.

Pick of the week.

The Streak

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: A silly reaction, set to the music of the Streak by Ray Stevens.

Following the basic pattern of the Ballad, it was a lightly amusing read until the end, when you find out why ‘Ethel’ (The woman from the song in this case the Exile) ends up joining the race as it were. That one segment made the story for me.

Pick of the week.

Wake Up Call
Revan’s Pet Duck

TSL Enroute to Korriban: Some things are best not considered…

When you said what happened with the Disciple, I suddenly had a picture in my mind. To quote HK, ‘My photoreceptors! My photoreceptors!'

The story started a little slow, and the scene when the author explains the exile’s panic started to pick up the pace. But Mira’s wake up call is absolutely beautiful, especially HK’s comments.

Don’t feel bad, I actually downloaded the Handmaiden/female Exile mod because I couldn’t stand the twit myself. I have to agree, if he’s there dis him…

Pick of the week.

Prologue: Past Remembered

Prologue to TSL: The Exile thinks of her past

Just a prologue true, but you can understand why she is what she was at the start of TSL. Well done work.

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