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Originally Posted by Keyan Farlander
Strings, woodwinds, and all that?
That's the plan.

30-odd string players alone... which (if my personal professional experience is any indicator) should take up most of the stage just by themselves.

Plus: a full rhythm section, with a complete drum kit, 7' grand piano, bass and guitar; a big-band horn section, orchestral percussion, latin percussion, and at least 20 vocalists on individual mics for the finale.

I've shown you pictures of our stage, right? It's tiny.

Seems to me that this band that's being proposed would be a tight squeeze on the Boston Symphony Hall stage... and our stage would EASILY fit 3 times on that stage... with probably some room left over too.

My inital reaction when I heard this plan:

"Jeez! What the hell are they smoking and where can I get 8 ounces of it?!?? 'Cuz I am going to need to be as stoned as they are to ever attempt to make this work!"

They are multi-track recording the show... so they want all the instruments miked individually. And we only have 64 lines split to the recording rig. A lot of stuff is going to have to be tied together down the same mic lines using XLR Y-cables.

It's going to be a fun weekend.

Oh... and this is a college event. So I get to put in an insane amount of overtime hours this weekend dealing with this stupidity for straight salary.

Life just keeps getting better.

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