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((Anybody noticed when Akira said "Master" like that? What is she thinking? We'll soon see ... ))

When Akira reached the Falcon, she felt a familiar presence in the Force... as if they were ashamed of her. Jak. Her best friend. Akira looked down as saddened tears fell from her eyes.

"I'm sorry, old friend... but this is the only way to save you guys..." she thought to herself. Then she wiped her tears, and walked towards the ship. Akira noticed that the doors were locked shut. But nothing like the Force would help open it.

Akira used the Force to open the sealed entrance of the Falcon. When the ramp came down, Akira ran in, and got to where the gaming table was. Sure enough, she saw little Allana, bored.

The young Jedi Knight smiled. "Hey, Allana? Let's go to the cockpit. I wanna show ya something." She looked up at Leia. "It'll only be for a minute." She saw Leia nodded. But deep inside, something didn't feel right.

Akira and Allana went out of the room, and outside, closing the door behind them. Allana looked worried. "Akira? I thought you said that we were going to the cockpit?"

"Hold on to me," Akira replied, not answering the litte girl's question. When Akira wrapped Allana in her arms tightly, both were jumping in the air, going back towards Caedus.
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