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In the end, it wasn't that Farran liked causing trouble that made him leave the little apartment where the group would stay. The issue was that it got cramped, sharing the apartment with five peers and a master. Farran needed some space from time to time... especially right before Kip decided to uproot and move again. Farran could always tell when the young Knight was considering a move... and that was part of the reason most of his 'escapes' tended to focus around that time.

Farran got bored of locations easily. Their life on a planet tended to go something like this: Kip gets a job, Farran starts exploring the city while Kip's away, Kip starts thinking about moving (perhaps a month or three after they settle in), Farran's excursions sometimes end after Kip returns from work... and then one day, Farran's not home when Kip gets there and Kip decides to move.

With a smirk, Farran thought back and decided this was roughly three months after they'd landed on Alderaan. He checked his chrono and grinned, almost hearing Kip's scolding in his ears already. With a satisfied nod and a pocket still full of the credits he'd taken, Farran headed home.

As he'd predicted, the apartment was being packed up when he walked through the door. Almost done too, he noted. But that was no surprise. After all, they were Jedi, and had very little to call their own. For his part, Farran had packed before going out... had scarcely unpacked when they got the apartment, so he was already prepared for moving at the drop of a hat.

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