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Corran finally pinned down what was so distinctly wrong about this - Coruscant was different. Thrawn, the Warlords, and the Emperor Reborn had all inflicted serious damage to the planet or to it's orbital shipyards and defensive platforms. They'd mostly been repaired, but it still looked distinctly different. This Coruscant looked like it had just been liberated.

Uh oh.

He settled into the Force. It seemed to have settled. He stretched into the Force, trying to find guidance.

Instead, he found pinpricks of light. Many. And each of those pinpricks was a Force-Sensitive, maybe even a fully-trained Jedi. What the Sith? There were only about a hundred Jedi around, and most of them were at the Yavin Academy or off elsewhere. There was definitively NOT a meeting of Jedi on Coruscant any time soon, he would have been apprised.

The Manarai Mountains Starfighter Base loomed in front of him. He flipped on his landing sequence, then reached into the small storage compartment in his X-Wing, withdrawing his Lightsaber and Blaster pistol, attaching the Lightsaber to his belt and the blaster into it's holster.

He reached out, touching the minds of his escort pilots, and implanted a memory of his X-Wing entering the hangar. He pushed down on his stick, dropping the X-Wing lower. The two A-Wings turned around and flew away. He brought his craft around, searching for those tiny pinpricks of light again. I have a bad feeling about this...
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