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Boba Fett began walking when he noticed a particular building. This was where he and the jedi scum Mace Windu fought. Though he was finally dead, Boba Fett would never forgive him.

I've got to be on Coruscant he thought to himself

Though he was not able to give the finishing blow he got the next best thing. He pulled Windu's saber out from his belt and stared at it for a moment. He saw his father's death once more, and put the saber away. He began walking some more when he turned to see what looked like a fight. One man drew a saber on the other. Boba Fett stared at the man with curiosity.

Is that... Anakin Skywalker, but It can't be

The last time Boba ran into the jedi was when he was on a mission for Jabba. He was to bring in Wat Tambor dead or alive. After a near death experience with a deadly lightsaber wielding robot general, Tambor escaped. He chased after him only to get caught in a one on one dogfight. Skywalker saved his life, not only that he knew who Boba was. Boba returned the favor when a space slug had attacked them. Unlike Windu and many other jedi, Boba respected Skywalker. There was no way Skywalker could be alive right now. Boba knew he had died during the Clone Wars.

"Wait a moment I recognize you.Weren't you a general in the Mandalorian Wars? At Malachor?"

Boba looked at the man who had just spoken. He was talking to a woman.

She fought in the Mandalorian Wars! That's impossible!

Boba ran up to the man and woman as fast as he could. He paused to catch his breathe

"Excuse me ma'am, If what this man says is true how are you alive? Did you fight on the Mandalorian side or for the Republic? Did you know a man named Cassius Fett?"

He could not believe this woman fought in the Wars and lived!

Perhaps this wormhole didn't just move me to Coruscant, perhaps it did much more he thought to himself, waiting for the woman's response.
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