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Something about Caedus disturbed D.J slightly. Something about his force Aura told him to back off slightly.

"Yes but you know the fact that Akira is not corrupted. She is just misunderstood. Oh sure you could just turn her to the darkside with some knowledge but wouldn't it be easier to corrupt your daughter and train her? That would be an easy way to gain a strong apprentice. One who is bound not to kill her master. D.J heard of something happening with a Sith Lord of old.

"But anyway I don't have time to argue or fight with a sith lord. I have to stop her." He said slowly turning around. He ran back in the direction of the Milennium Falcon.

D.J eventually made it to the Falcon just as Akira was about to jump in the air.

"Akira stop." He yelled out to catch their attention. "Your doing the exact opposite of what you were supposed to do."

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