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When Akira got on top of the roof by the Falcon, and was about to Force jump again, she heard a familiar voice, telling her to stop.

"Your doing the exact opposite of what you were supposed to do."

It was D.J. She shook her head, and sadly looked at the Selkath. "Look, D.J... I'm doing this to save you guys! If I give Allana back to her father, Caedus will call off the attacks on us! Please, you gotta understand!"

Tears fell from her bright brown eyes. She was afraid of what might happen to the others as well as herself. But her friends were more important to her than her own life.

Akira waited on D.J's response.

Allana stood by Akira's side, looking at the Selkath, then looking up at Akira, who was crying. She was beginning to be afraid herself.
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