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Tysyacha took a step backward, her shoulder still tingling from Anakin's touch. "Yes," she said to the tall, masked figure and the...Mandalorian? Surely he wasn't any different from Canderous Ordo and the recruits he'd been training on Dxun, but he sure did look different. As for the question as to whether she had fought in the Mandalorian Wars, the Exile was fully prepared to answer with the truth as she saw it.

"Yes, I did fight in the Mandalorian Wars," she began, "under the banner of Darth Revan." Odd--could that figure be the same Revan who had been her onetime Master? "Since I swore fealt to Revan's side, that means I lived. I'm no Force Ghost. I'm also sad to say that I'm the one who gave the order to activate the Mass Shadow Generator at Malachor V, the last battle of the Wars. After this, I could no longer bear the guilt or the nightmares that hounded me, so I returned to the Jedi to face trial.

"The Council declared me an exile, and a Jedi no longer. I had thought it to be only a punishment for following Revan to war, but I later discovered it was because I had severed myself from the Force. I had cut ties so utterly that it caused a wound, an echo, in its fabric. The Jedi blamed me for this, although they knew that what I'd done was unintentional. In the end, I returned to Malachor V to slay Darths Sion and Traya."

She looked at Anakin, her gaze half-quizzical, half-disappointed. "Pregnant wife?" She giggled ruefully. "I sincerely hoped you were unattached, as all of us Jedi have been since the time of the Old Republic. Although," she said with a wry smile, "perhaps your master is remembering things from the future that really haven't happened? Or won't?" The Exile found herself blushing deeply.
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