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Akira stared at D.J. Maybe he was right. Her mind was full of things. Sometimes she was confused. When she was a little girl, she was confused at everything. Her parents... her friends... even towards the Jedi. But if her confusion caused the lives of the Galaxy... she'd doom it.

The young woman sighed. It was time to end that confusion in her head.

Akira jumped down from the roof, holding on to Allana. She placed the little girl by the Selkath's side. "Take her back in the ship." She turned around slowly, tears covering her cheeks.

"I... gotta go rescue Jak." After that, she left. But in her heart, she wanted to go back and face Caedus... alone. The young woman began to set up a plan on how to end Caedus... once and for all.

After her Force jump on every building, she landed on the ground. She turned and looked at Caedus. Then she bowed before him. "Master? I couldn't get your daughter because... I have another plan."
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