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Jasra hadn't had much time to think about how, or more importantly, why she was here. In the past few weeks, so many weird, strange, and odd things had happened in her life--Sith purges, time travel, death and rebirth, alternate realities--things just hadn't been normal. So, suddenly finding herself a chosen 'combatant' for the entertainment of an unknown alien species, in a place she had never been, surrounded by other people and beings that were quite obviously not from the same place she was, wasn't exactly frightening. It was par for the course.

She hadn't resisted, merely kept her mouth shut and her eyes open, sensing through the Force the feelings of her fellow 'gladiators' as they were ushered into the arena. Most were angry, which was understandable. Some were confused, which was expected. Jasra, on the otherhand, was just irritated. If they were here to fight, then the sooner they started, the sooner she could get out of here and back to her love, Brax.

As Sklarílak, their self-professed investor and owner, seemed to be waiting for the rest of them to finish asking their questions, Jasra decided that she would ask one as well.

"So, are we doing this 'training' stuff any time soon, or are we just going to talk all day?" she asked him. She grinned as she ignited her lightsaber and gave it an easy flourish. "'Cause I figure the sooner we start this... whatever you want us to do, the sooner I can start figuring a way out of here."

Veni, Vidi, Velcro. (I came, I saw, I stuck around)

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