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Odrimae looked down at the table as one of the same drinks offered to Titel was given to him. Normally, he would have much rather watched the surrounding humans to gain a further understanding of their culture and behaviour, but he didn't want to offend. So, he took a small sip of the drink ("fermented vegetable products" he agreed), and... liked it. Odrimae took another small sip, and then another.

Then he coughed. This would make him- what was the word? Drunk. He could almost feel himself become slightly affected by the substance, and he prudently wondered what and Earth drink designed to make humans lightheaded and irrational would do to his species.

He next directed his attention to the "TV'', at a particularly noisy cheer from some of the bystanders. It seemed humans were exceptionally drawn into the viewing of other humans attacking each other to try and gain possession of a small brown object. On another TV, nearly naked humans were attacking each other as well in a rectangular stage. Barbaric, he muttered, although he was rather interested.

"Do all your sports involve some kind of violence?" He quietly asked Matt, who had just dropped his communication device.
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