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Getting to Nobo the Hutt's 'garage' was a little troublesome, but nothing the experienced bounty hunter could not handle. Some mercs had actually made it far into Nobo's territory, only to be blasted by him. the place was a mess, with burned speeders here and there, plus dead bodies and what looked like droid parts; but this these droids had been cut... by a lightsaber.

So the rescue squad is on the move, eh? I hoped for a fast extraction, but I guess it would take more time than expected

As he surveyed the area for more hostiles, he hid into a corner and adjusted his blaster and suit offensive weapons, "no blaster against jedi, got to get the 'Force' thing into account; done"

He brought with him a small kit that contained a special battery that would allow him to use the 'capture field' attachment of his armor, which consisted in electric bolts that numbed the target's nervous system; it was guaranteed to work on any species. Along with those weapons he brought his mandalorian sword, mixed with cortosis just to be careful. As he double checked his weapons and armor, he decided that the time was now, and ventured inside the building...

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