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Where are the .skin files for the weapons?

I'm confused. I load up a weapon in md3view, and it tells me xxx.tga isn't found. Yeah I guess that's got something to do with all the skins being in .jpg. I also can't find the *.skin files, unlike the ones that player models have

What's this all about? How do I create my own custom skins with their own custom names for my custom model? Ugh...I've got a flashy gun ready to go into the game, complete with UV map, texture and hot chocolatey shizzbangwahwah. I've downloaded some weapon mods to compare them, but they've confused me even more. The MiB weapons pack has some funky file generated by milkshape with the extension .qc, and all its names have nothing to do with the default JKA skins. The SWG weapons pack's like that too


- how are the textures detected, if the .skin file isn't present?
- what are tags for?

PS: I'm real tired and if not for coffee and tea, this post would be almost incomprehensible

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