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Hmmmm. Well I've played nearly every game made by LucasArts.. Most of them are really quite good, especially those from before 1999 or so. I've been a gamer since the mid '80s so lived through most of the formative years of this industry.

Hell, I'll just make a list! I am not good a picking favorites of things. I tend to enjoy lots of variety.

Liked lots:
- X-Wing series (maybe my fav game series)
- Rebellion
- JK & MotS
- JK2 & JA
- Rebel Assaults
- Dark Forces
- Super Star Wars series
- Shadows of the Empire
- Pod Racer

Didn't like:
- Rogue Squadron series & Naboo (too corny, bad controls, too simple IMO)
- Force Commander (the music is great tho!)
- Galactic Battlegrounds
- Clone Wars
- Bounty Hunter
- Republic Commando (wanted to like it, but it was just not quite there)

I really sorta miss the '90s Star Wars games because there wasn't the prequel crap to get in the way. I am a big fan of the expanded universe (books) and loved seeing that stuff used in Rebellion, TIE Fighter, etc. Back when LucasArts employed the best in the business, they also came up with their own really great characters with Katarn and Jan Ors. Personally I would've really liked to see a commercial game using the Yuuzhan Vong, but obviously that's never going to happen....
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