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Jak scavenged the bodies to find extra ammunition power cells for his blaster pistols and a few grenades. They sure would come in handy, as he sensed many hostilies waiting for him in the six sepperate rooms. The Sixth room, of coarse, was where Solo was being held captive.

Jak put his Lightsaber back into its sheath and he held out both of his Mandalorian Blasters. He leaned against the wall, and pressed the button opening the door to the next room.

"You just had to get yourself into this mess, didn't you Solo? Dammit!"

He pulled out a grenade threw it into the room. A loud bang was made a few seconds later, as well as some mixed screams and blaster fire. Jak entered the room and rapidly fired his pistols at the armed thugs. He hid behind a stack of cargo boxes to avoid enemy fire.

"Why is it always me who gets the dirty work?" Jak muttered.
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