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Hey! I didn't close it down. As far as I was concerned, they should have run the rehearsal... we were all already there. Slogging back home at 6 couldn't have been all that much different than doing the same at 11.

But with over 60 people involved in this thing, many of them students, perhaps somebody was a bit concerned about liability if someone got into a serious accident after leaving this thing.

Plus: As far as I know,.. none of the musicians get paid much, if anything, to participate in this concert.

Fat chance of having much of a turnout if you didn't cancel it.

But I have seen 90+ inches of snow in a season before. A couple of years ago we had at least that much.

The city does close down in those situations... simply because there's nowhere to push it all out of the way, and traffic through Boston's narrow, winding streets becomes an impossibility.

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