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Originally Posted by RobQel-Droma
^Still doesn't answer the original question: if I wanted to murder you, would that be a choice?
I think it does. If you wanted to kill me, it's not that you actively chose it to be like that. Just as you don't actively decide that you have appetite for bananas when you notice you're hungry, your appetite is just *there*. When you give in to your wantings and perform a kill on me, it's your active choice to do so, just like you decide to go for a banana lunch.

One wonders how we can judge notorious criminals if they had no choice about what they did.
Oh, but they have a choice. Even if you eagerly want to kill me, because I always tie your bootstraps together, you have the clear choice whether you actually going to kill me or not. Maybe you decide not to do so and buy shoes without bootstraps instead, annoying me in a way that I lose all my hair and erectional power eventually. Your path of action, your choice.

I know you now gonna say, "but you know, that means gay people actually choose to have teh gay secks!"

While that is correct, this threads title still reads "Why are some people gay?" and not "Why do some people act gay?"

In other words, people are not gay because they perform same sex actions, they are gay because they are attracted to the same sex.

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