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Sabretooth is on the ball, this is the thread to ask these questions in. After all, this is called the Hardware Discussion and Advice Megathread and I did say in the opening post:

Originally Posted by me
This thread is for discussion and advice on building and upgrading your computer. Got a video card you'd like some opinions on? Want to know which processor to buy? Unsure about what kind of RAM to get? This is the thread to ask these questions in.
I created this thread for exactly this type of question, so please make use of it.

Anyway, down to the nitty gritty. The most important question (what do you want to do with your machine?) has already been answered, so the next most important question is: 'What is your budget?' All the parts I listed above are competitively priced and should be well within a frugal gamer's spending limit, but it helps to have a number to build around.
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