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Originally Posted by Balderdash
You probably noticed the sterling sign, which brings me to my next question. Which sites will ship to the UK at affordable prices?
Originally Posted by Negative Sun
For the UK people among us, is the online retailer to use, hands down (compare it to newegg for the States )
The Truth is out there dude, or in this case, up a bit in this thread...

Scan is where you need to be in the UK, got any more questions for UK pricing or anything? PM me or fire away in this thread

As for the components you need, If you want to go Intel, go for Niner's system at the end of his second post, definitely go for the core components, the Intel Q6600 G0 Stepping and the nVidia 8800GT 512Mb are a sure hit, I'm an AMD fanboy and would also recommend the HD3870 512Mb, but the 8800GT is much better for gaming, albeit a bit more expensive.

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