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Although Allana walked back up towards the ramp, she glanced back at her father. "Daddy." She held her stuffed tauntaun closely. "Look, Jacen. Daddy came back..."


Akira got up, and ran after Caedus. When she reached the Falcon, she saw him and D.J talking. It looked like D.J was ready to duel the Dark Lord. She gasped.

"Stop! Stop it, please!" Akira glanced at Caedus. "Look, Caedus... I know that you probably think the Galaxy is not in order, but it doesn't have to be this way! If you continue to kill more people... what would your daughter think of you? She'd probably think that you're a monster than her father."

The young woman stared at Caedus in sadness. The little girl also looked at her father, worried and scared.
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