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Though one might’ve thought it impossible with the structure of his jaw, Sklar actually managed what could be called a smile.

“Well, answers won’t matter if you’re dead, so let’s begin.” He responded happily, looking down at the pad he held in his hands. Tapping a few apparent buttons on there with his long fingers, it appeared as if Sklar’s actions were doing nothing after a moment. That was, at least, until the ‘exercise’ began to emerge from the sand all over the arena.

The creatures were, as no proper classification had been given to them, Arachnids. Four-legged creatures with what appeared to be a head for a body, a yellow tiger-strip color scheme, and two miniature legs meant for stabbing prodding from its head while standing at a full height of 8 to 9 feet. Not a very pleasant thing to look at, but Sklar looked overjoyed to finally have them out. He said “Say hello to your first combat exercise, the Arachnid. All the way from Klendathu, these creatures are just as deadly in scattered numbers as they are in the mass numbers their hives normally dictate they be in. Young Sovonions coming of age are required to work together to take down the creatures with but spears and swords, so let’s see how you fair.”

And with that the Arachnids, who were roughly 20 in number, charged the group of 8 ‘gladiators’, while the guards watching them backed off. Before anyone of the group could respond to this, an extra Arachnid chose the moment to surface from straight under them.

As it so happened, Zionist was the unfortunate soul directly it.

Zionist stumbled and lost his footing as the emergence of another Arachnid took him by surprise, causing him to fall straight forward onto the upper jaw of the creature. He grasped for a hold and managed to grab part of its jaw for support, though he felt as though his fingers punctured something squishy. This seemed to aggravate the creature wildly as it fully exited the sand, as it suddenly charged forwards towards the other Arachnids and it actually ran straight into anther with such force that sent Zionist hurdling head over tail. Luckily, the sand was there to cushion his fall.

Rolling after hitting the ground, Zionist was back on his feet as the two Arachnids he’d met so soon recovered and turned ominously towards him, one of them missing its eye. Zionist looked at his sticky fingers and wiped them off on the sand as he realized what it was, and then proceeded to run straight at them as the two enraged Arachnids charged him. It was then Zionist thought to himself, What the hell are you doing?! You’re unarmed charging two Bugs who you’re only going to kill with a good hit to the nerve cluster! Of course, it was straight afterwards that one of the two parasites said to him, in its deep and mutilated voice, “Its lack of mind spares our life.”

Zionist barely noticed as two spikes, the condition and color of yellowish corroding flesh, emerged from the bottoms of his wrists as an assassin's retractable blade would, although in a much more disturbing manner since it was directly from his arm. And it seemed as though he became completely calm, even when he dove under the two charging Arachnids to avoid their fatal stabbing tools.

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