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Hey and welcome to the fourth and final February update of 2008.

First thing, we really need more mappers to help me and Enceladus map the planets and skirmish maps for all releases. If you have experience with the map editor, apply here or email me at Thrawn's with examples of your work. Land maps are preferable.

Some more stuff from Fall of the Republic this week.

We've also prepared a bit of Q/A for this update. Yes, we got this idea from AoSW a week or so ago, but since the AoSW staff and ThrRev staff have pretty much the same people on it, we'll all live.

Q: How many planets are in the mod
A: Release One has 64 planets, including several from the original game, however almost every planet has been remapped, with the exception of Bespin. The maps are now much bigger. By the final release, there will be roughly 170 planets in the mod.

Q: What is this Admiral's Lounge you mention in some updates?
A: The Admiral's Lounge is a section on our forums for active posters. It contains lots of unreleased information, renders, unit lists, etc.

Q: When are you releasing?
This is an example of something you'd find in the Admiral's Lounge.

Q: What will the population cap be in the mod?
A: 85 for space, 20 for land.

Q: Will the Yuuzhan Vong and Hapes Consortium ever be playable factions?
A: Stay tuned.

Q: How many mod team members are there?
A: There are currently 10 people on the development team, and 3 people on the testing team.

Q: Can I be a tester?
A: You can apply at, or on our forums.

What criteria do you use when deciding what units/heroes to include/exclude from the mod?
1. Would it be useful?
2. Is it unrealistically powerful/large/unbalanced?
3. Could we accurately represent it ingame?
4. How canon is it?

Q: Can i suggest a unit/hero for the mod, or have you already decided on all the content?
A: We've already written up unit lists, but these are never completely final, so if you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them, just don't be insulted if they don't make it in.

Q: Are you going to be adding in more music and VO's?
A: Yes. For example, the Fall of the Republic minimod we released had new VOs for Grievous. We currently need some people to help do the VOs for units and heroes, so if you'd like to try out for that email me at

Are ships going to be realistically scaled?
For the most part. They won't be 100% realistic, but they're be as close as we can get them unless they take away from the gameplay.

Thats all for this week. March First is layouts of Umika and Millayna.
-Yub Squadron
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