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Funny thing about Stealth. It had gotten Boba Fett in and out of dangerous situations.

"Miss I am a bounty hunter, stealth is a requirement to survive. I'll need to leave behind some of my gear though, If I am to join you."

I really wish I had the Slave I right now He thought to himself.

Boba Fett did not have his ship, however he did have his father's teachings.
He went behind the nearest building and made a quick hole with his vibroblade. He placed his jetpack, and cape in there. He then covered up the hole. Then he took a couple wookiehairs on his shoulder and placed it on top of the covered hole. He then returned to to the group.

"Skywalker, I was hoping you could watch this," Boba Fett said as he placed his EE-3 carbine rifle between the jedi's feet as to not draw too much attention.

He touched his holster for his father's westar-34 blaster pistol to make sure it was still there.

"Well I'm all set to go, by the way I don't believe I got your name miss..."
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