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"Tysyacha Dvukh," smiled the Exile, the clearness of her voice reverberating through the stifling air. TEE-sya-cha DVUKH, her last name indeed rhyming with "fluke".

"I am indeed glad to see that your covert arts have not gone neglected. Bounty hunters are sentients of which I was once scared, but I see you intend to do me--us--no harm. I shall welcome your company, and that goes for the rest of you as well, as we 'stumble' our way into the Galactic Senate Rotunda. If we get caught, or if any security droids sense us, we'll just say we're lost and we didn't know what building it was. Otherwise, we could be in a lot of trouble, and I don't want to get on the bad side of the authorities here. Not while we have little to go on, and no information."
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