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Marcus recoiled, combat reflexes dropping him into a suitable position and bringing his Super Sledge up from it's thigh brace and into his hand. Three of the bugs rushed him, their mandibles wide in hunger at their oversized prey. He grinned. They didn't look too tough. He flipped the power switch, bringing the built-in kinetic pulse weapon online.

The lead Bug leapt at him, bringing it's blade-like forelimbs to bear. One blade sliced into his left arm, cutting deep into the muscle. He gripped the arm, ignoring the pain as best he could, and swung the creature into it's left-side partner, knocking both of them over. His hammer came around, intercepting the vicious assault from the third standing bug, smashing it's mandible apart and driving fragments of it's exoskeleton through it's flesh into it's tiny brain.

That's one.

The two confused bugs were regaining their feet. He took the few moments he had to take a good look at the wound. It was knitting well enough - Forced Evolutionary Virus tended to do that. The bleeding had already stopped.

One of the bugs leapt at him. He sidestepped the clumsy lunge and brought his hammer around hard, smashing it into it's abdomen. The exoskeleton cracked as the hammer pulsed into it, flinging it across the arena and smashing into a wall, leaving a messy smear of yellow-black fluid. Surprisingly, it still seemed alive, despite the fact that it's exoskeleton was cracked in about thirty places.

The third bug had regained it's footing, and seemed to be wiser for it. It approached him slowly, cautiously prowling him waiting for a vulnerable opening. Marcus grinned and leaned his head down slightly and bit down on the leather strap that held the minigun on his back. The old leather parted, dropping the gun to the ground. Now, he just needed a moment to pick it up.
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