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Originally Posted by Rogue15
yeah but where you live, the department of transportation is probably prepared for it.
In very snowy places, they don't do anything to the roads because its hopeless. Parking lots in Erie don't have full length lines painted on them because for half the year you won't be able to see the lines anyhow so why spend all the effort on painting them. Roads get plowed once a week or immediately after a four plus inch fall. After those days, the school had a backhoe that went around digging out cars. At one point, there was over 50 inches of snow on the hood of my car thanks to a drift. It was a mild winter. Didn't start snowing until mid-December then once the first flakes came out of the sky they didn't stop until May.

FYI, Madison WI only averages a "mere" 44 inches a season. Erie is the 13th snowiest city in the US at 89 per season. Pittsburgh is 43 (its 55-60 where I live north of the city).

I'm getting bored with my job and not having enough money to do the stuff I want to. Wish I could find something I really wanted to do and also they'd hire me to do it.

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