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Nic had remained quiet and in the background of events while the others spoke to Sklar’lak, in truth he didn’t believe what was going on, he thought it was perhaps some force illusion his brother had a Dark Jedi perform or far more likely he had drank a large amount of a narcotic, he did like alcohol. The mercenary only truly began to believe what was happening after the 20 bug like creatures attacked and one had scratched his arm.

“Oh Krif me!” He expletived as he pulled out his blaster pistol and began to fire upon an on coming bug.

The first shot hit the creature in the leg causing to topple down to the ground, it was only a few moments before it pulled it’s self back up and began it’s charge again. “Krif me sideways!” he shouted as he fired off several shots at the rapidly enclosing creature.

Each blast of glowing blue energy impacted the alien beast on what appeared to be its head, at least the part with a mouth. The creature once again collapsed yelping in pain and skidded along the ground due to its quick momentum before it had fell, its skid halted just infront of the former republic assassin and still alive looked up with one of its eyes.

Nic looked down at the animal that had just tried to attack him an grimaced. “You are one ugly Schutta.” He exclaimed as he aimed his weapon and the eye and pulled the trigger.
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