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The Ships Captain left his room thinking about the name Katrine West, he figured the name must have been on a bounty sheet or something while he was looking for work. This was still odd as Alec had a tendency to forget names of bounties he had captured yet alone ones he never went after. He walked down the corridor into the common room thinking about what Jyot was probably doing, he had been gone for about twenty minuets so chances are he was slipping his money into some dancing Twi’leks underwear. Alec smiled at the predictability of his mechanic, Alec will call him in about ten minuets to check on the mission.

Alec gave the room a quick look and realised that it was empty, the crew had either left for some shore time on the station or were elsewhere on The Scimitar. He grabbed himself a drink of water and took a seat at the table while looking at a datapad with the inventory.

((OCC- ok guys if you want to talk to Alec here’s your opening.))
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