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Originally Posted by stingerhs
finally, don't forget the optical drive(s), too.
Already got a Liteon 20X drive for Christmas that I was originally gonna put in the current machine, but never bothered with, so I'll just go with that. I've had two optical drives before at one point, and I never did do a whole lot of copying from one to the other with them, so I'll just stick with the one drive.

Thanks for the pointers on the PSU, I'm obliged to you. As for the OS, it will be Vista Home Premium, yes. Is it worth having 4GB of RAM though, really? DDR2 RAM is far from expensive really, so I definitely could go with a bit more if I had to, but I figured 2GB would be enough...

And that soundcard looks alright. I'll have a shop around though. Are there any issues with compatibility with speakers, with soundcards? I was just gonna use the Dell speakers and sub (and monitor, mouse and keyboard) that I'm using now.


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