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Ok I've got some more information:

As for the actual problem (I know this is a very common one), when the game goes into a custcene its slow and jerky and the same goes for the sound. This goes for anything else in the game thats animated, like the car that drives past in the garage, the tube switcher doors, don copal coming out of his office shouting, etc. Also another small problem, every now and then the sound will jerk a little bit in game, like skip and repeat itself but only for a split second mostly during dialogue. One idea I have is this is due to me running the game off a slightly old beat up cd.

Also I have some system information. i'm running windows XP, with a Gigabyte Radeon 9600 pro graphics card. My cpu is something like 1.8 ghz I believe.

i'll give that hyperthreading thing a try, thanks.

Edit: And I just came across something unusual...though I have no idea how to explain this I think it might be something to do with save games...I loaded a save where you're in the LSA HQ in El Marrow (yr 1) and during this point you're not supposed to be able to get into Don Copal's office because of his meeting with Hector, and you're supposed to be able to get into Domino's office....except when i went from the LSA place up to the ledge, Don's office was open (like for when you need to change the think on his computer) and Domino's office was locked. I'm confused, but I think it may be something to do with save games

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