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A huge explosion could be heard coming from the elevator, signaling that thye cavalry had come to the rescue.

"What a flashy entrance, I gotta teach these kids something about sneak attacks or something" muttered Solo

Tobias' radio crackled to life, "hostiles have breached the bunker, four of our men are already down,but we believe it to be a small group, possibly some mercs or bounty hunters, no signs of jeedai"

"Good, exterminate them and secure the perimeter" he told the thug, but change frequency afterwards. "There seems to be a little problem, some guests have a arrived, lets not take chances, so activate the defense mechanism, turn off all the lights and seal all doors"

"You think that's gonna stop 'em?" asked Han

"Possibly, but highly unlikely, when they try to get inside this room, it will be all over for all of us"

Nobo the Hutt laughed at the comment


"I'm detecting multiple life forms outside the Falcon, one of them seems to belong to a small child. Could it be our package?" asked Vergo

"Could be" replied Ingrid, trying to zooming in the screen of a monitor to catch a glimpse of who they were. The Hades had landed on a nearby landing pad, stealth systems activated. "We have a visual, and it doesn't look good"

"That's the Colonel! He must be trying to get Allana, but who are the other two?"

"Could be them Jedi for their looks, but I can't tell for sure. Are they talking?"

"That's odd, I thought the Colonel wasn't very fond of people kidnapping his daughter" joked Vergo "should we intervene?"

"No. Lets see what they're up to. If it looks like Solo is in trouble, then we go guns blazing"

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